services list

  • Free WiFi Internet
    Free of Charge WiFi Internet Service in the Hostel.
  • Laptop Device
    Get a Laptop Device for your work for ₪10/Hour
  • Laundry
    Wash & Fold Clothes Serives Every Day.
  • Meals
    Providing Breakfast and Launch Meals.

Trip in Jericho

  • Schedule Group Trips on Bicycles & Horses.
    Jericho from the south Jericho (Arabic أريحا Arīḥā Hebrew יריחו Yəriḥo) , the “City of Palms”, is a small city within thePalestinian Territories and Israeli-occupied West Bank, close to the northern end of Dead Sea and some 55 km (34 miles) from Jerusalem. A relatively tranquil town, Jericho’s reputation for calm and lack of security incidents in the midst of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, have made it a natural target for visitors to areas administered by the Palestinian National Authority. Because Jericho is a tourist-orientated town, the Palestinian Authority goes to...